Aim to improve smoothhound knowledge through collaboration

A Dutch smoothhoundRecent discussions between SSACN and Sportvisserij Nederland (Royal Dutch Angling Association) highlighted the fact that there is an apparent northern migration of smoothhound – increasing numbers of the species being caught each year.

Whether the increased numbers are due to decreased competition for food as cod stocks have declined, decreased commercial pressure reducing the numbers taken as bycatch or northern waters getting warmer, is a matter for detailed research.

During the discussions it soon became apparent that as both parties had tagging programmes, that by working together in a collaborative manner we may be able to more effectively gather data on the make up of the stocks and their migration patterns.

As part of their programme, Sportvisserij Nederland will be running an Event in mid-August and as part of the collaboration they will be adopting the Sharkatag name for it – further details when they become available.

One of the previously tagged Dutch smoothhounds was recaptured in the Bay of Biscay, it will be interesting to see if a smoothhound tagged off Scotland is subsequently recaptured off Holland, or vice-versa.

NB :: Dr Ed Farrell put together a some good introductory information on smoothhounds which can be found here.

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