Ask your MEP to vote to protect sharks today!

finningShark finning is a cruel and wasteful practice which involves sharks having their fins sliced off and their bodies tossed back into the sea, in some cases, whilst they are still alive.

Members of the European Parliament will soon vote to close loopholes in the current EU shark finning legislation. This vote is a really important opportunity to strengthen one of the weakest finning bans in the world and to help protect many tens of thousands of sharks from a cruel fate every year.

The new proposal, put forward by the European Commission, would ensure that all sharks caught by EU-owned vessels are landed with their fins naturally attached, leaving no opportunity for finning to take place at sea.

Please help ensure sharks receive the much-needed protection they so urgently deserve. It is crucial that MEPs vote in favour of a fins naturally attached policy without exception – please ask your MEP to do so today.

More about the Humane Society’s shark finning campaign.

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