Bass bag limit proposed by EU

Bass Dicentrachus labraxThe Commission’s proposal for fishing opportunities next year includes for the first time a measure aimed at recreational fishers – a bag limit of only one bass.

So once again, a ‘government’ proposes to favour the commercial sector by limiting opportunities for the recreational sector whilst at the same time not giving the recreational sector a voice in fisheries management. Governments cannot have it both ways, either recreational fishing is part of and included in fisheries management, or not at all.

UPDATE : our position paper on their proposal can be found in the Reading Room.

Various recreational bodies have suggested an increased minimum landing size from the present 36 cm to 42 cm, which would apply to both commercial and recreational sectors as it would ‘Give Fish A Chance’ by protecting more of the spawning bass and increasing recruitment – no bass spawn at 36 cm but ca. 50% have spawned at 42 cm.

SSACN’s GFAC voluntary minimum landing size for bass is set at 45 to encourage even greater recruitment.

There is a lot of economy benefit and jobs at stake for businesses supporting the recreational sector – charter boats, tackle trade, coastal communities, tourism and many more will all suffer from the proposed one bass bag limit all in order to support the commercial sector – this is not making ‘Best Value’ use of this species.

In brief – Article 12 – Recreational fisheries for seabass

For recreational fisheries in ICES divisions IVb, IVc, VIIa, VIId, VIIe, VIIf, VIIg and VIIh, a bag limit of one seabass per person per day shall apply.

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