Bass in decline–start managing

Bass Dicentrachus labraxIn the usual horse bolted, close stable door manner of fisheries management, the EU has asked Member States for a first round of input for sea bass fisheries management measures to reducing the too high fishing pressure on sea bass in the Irish Sea, Celtic Sea, English Channel, and southern North Sea.

The EC have now decided bass stocks in the Northeast Atlantic are in decline and there is an urgent need to do something about it – angling bodies on the other hand have recognised that for years and have consistently lobbied for the reduction of pressure on the stocks, but as always, anglers are the last people governments listen to if anything is likely to affect the commercial sector.

According to fisheries scientists fishing mortality is increasing and the total biomass (the EC’s stock size indicator) has been declining since 2005 and in the last two years (2011–2012) it was 32% lower than the three previous years (2008–2010).

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