Big Shark Shout Out 2012

Why Shout for Sharks this April?

Highly sought for their fins, meat, oil, teeth and cartilage, sharks have a high price on their heads.

Demand for shark fins, inadequate fishery management and virtually non-existing regulations for almost all shark trade are pushing many shark species to the brink of extinction – nearly one out of five shark species is classified by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) as Threatened with extinction.

That doesn’t even include hundreds of species (almost half of all sharks) whose population status cannot be assessed because of lack of information.

The SSTP undertakes many projects in order to try and save Scottish sharks and the heat is on to give decimated shark populations worldwide the protections they deserve.

Project AWARE is targeting the power of CITES, one of the world’s largest, most effective wildlife conservation agreements to do it and are asking everyone to sign their shark petition and help make shark protection a reality.

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