Catch and Return–appeal for input

ICESlogo09In the beginning of May 2012, a  small  workshop on Catch-and-Release (C&R)  in marine recreational fisheries  was held on Mallorca  in the  context  of the ICES Working  Group meeting on Recreational Fisheries Surveys (WGRFS).

One of the aims of this workshop was to get an overview of the practice of C&R among marine recreational anglers in Europe, and to collect existing knowledge on potential impacts (e.g. post-release  mortalities) for different European marine species.

While C&R has been thoroughly studied in marine and freshwater  recreational  fisheries in the US and Australia, and also in some freshwater fisheries in Europe, only very few peer-reviewed articles exist on C&R in marine fisheries in Europe. However, the workshop revealed that C&R is also very common in many European marine fisheries, and  expert judgment suggests that  for  several  species more than 50% of the catch  is  released  by anglers. Unfortunately, these estimates are generally “hidden” in grey literature,  or only mentioned  in  passing in  published harvest studies. Thus, the main focus  of marine  recreational fisheries surveys  is  often  to obtain  estimates  of  the harvest by marine anglers, as  resources  to  investigate  C&R  in marine fisheries  are  limited.  Considering the importance of recreational catches for several marine fish stocks, there is a  need for detailed investigations of (a) release rates and (b)  impacts  of  C&R  for  European marine fish species to improve the estimations of the recreational fishery catches in Europe, and to develop best practice guidelines.

To  achieve  more awareness of  C&R  practice by European marine anglers, the idea is to publish  a co-authored manuscript  on the outcomes of the workshop. The plan is  further  to present  the manuscript at the ICES Annual Science Conference 2012 in Bergen.

If you are  interested in  being a co-author, we would like to ask you to send the following points to  (Subject: European C&R) by  July 20, 2012. If you have any problems with this deadline, please let us know.

1. A list of species for which data on  release  proportions  by saltwater anglers  in your country  are available.
2. Give a short description on how the estimates were obtained (e.g. part of a larger sampling program,  survey type,  how reliable they are  etc.) (max 250  words).  Cite any published studies or reports.
3. If there are any available studies on C&R impacts for the species  in point 1, please give a short description of the results (max 100 words). Please provide a reference to the studies if available.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Keno Ferter & Marc Simon Weltersbach

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