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Aquaculture and fisheries consultation

| August 31, 2020

The Scottish Government consulted on how to achieve a sustainable future for aquaculture and freshwater fisheries and ensure the effective management of interactions between the two sectors to inform the development of a new Aquaculture and Fisheries Bill, planned for introduction in autumn 2012. The consultation concluded on April 13 and generated 1,342 responses, representing [...]

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SI - The Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) Amendment (Scotland)

| August 27, 2020
SI – The Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) Amendment (Scotland)

The Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) Amendment (Scotland) Regulations 2012 (SSI 2012/228) The above Scottish Statutory Instrument was laid in the Scottish Parliament on 31 July under section 2(2) of the European Communities Act 1972 in order to come into force on 16 August. The Instrument will amend the Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) Regulations 1994 and [...]

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Wind, Wave and Tidal Energy – information events

| August 17, 2020

The Scottish Government are holding a number of public events over September 2012, to provide information on planning for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy in Scottish waters, and on the offshore renewables licensing manual. These events are open to all and will consist of a drop-in information session, followed by a presentation and discussion [...]

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A simple truth

| June 29, 2020

Scotland has a lot to learn from Norway’s approach to fisheries management and how they develop fishing communities. That was the message Scottish Fisheries Secretary Richard Lochhead took from a two-day visit to Norway earlier this week, which included meetings with Norwegian Fisheries Minister Lisbeth Berg-Hansen.

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Fire, aim, ready–then think about the target

| June 20, 2020

West coast fishermen have warned that larger trawlers from Scotland’s east coast threaten this year’s prawn fishing in the Minch as a lack of prawns in North Sea fishing grounds had caused displacement of fishing activities. West coast fishermen have concerns they will not be allowed to catch their full quota and the Western Isles [...]

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Prawn fishing bycatch

| June 10, 2020

According to a recent government press release, Scotland’s prawn fishermen will significantly cut their level of discarding, following agreement reached for the use of new fishing gear designs. How was it achieved ? Marine Scotland has worked closely with the fishing industry to develop new trawl and net design solutions, which are highly selective and [...]

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Public consultation MSFD

| May 15, 2021
Public consultation MSFD

A public consultation is currently being held on implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.  As part of the consultation process, Marine Scotland plan to hold an information event on 25 May at the Barceló Edinburgh Carlton Hotel.  This will follow a similar format to the information event recently hosted by DEFRA. If you are [...]

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Save subsidies for the commercial sector

| May 14, 2021

Scottish Fisheries Secretary Richard Lochhead has urged the UK Government to resist cuts to the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) which he feels must continue to support Scotland’s most vulnerable fishing and rural communities. According to Mr Lochhead said: “The existing European Fisheries Fund provides crucial support for Scotland’s rural communities – with £186 [...]

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