Changes to Tagging Procedure

This article covers some changes that will be implemented to tagging procedure over the coming months.

SSACN tagging guidelines are available here. It is extremely important that tags are inserted at the right depth and angle to minimise irritation and allow healing. Tags should be inserted at 45° and the canula should be twisted slightly before removal to ensure the tag is firmly anchored.

Introduction of Tagging Guns

imageWe are eventually hoping to roll out the tagging guns to all taggers over the coming months. This will enable us to tag smaller fish as we are missing out on a lot of data from small spurdog. Tagging guns will be used to tag spurdog, smoothhound, bull huss and rays.

Tagging guns have already been used by some taggers and have yielded recaptures successfully whilst streamlining the entire tagging process. Using tagging guns, fish can be tagged in the water minimising stress to both the fish and angler!

Revamped Tagging Record Cards

We have also revamped out tagging record cards which are now available online. The new record cards have been designed to include undersize fish that have not been tagged which are recorded as a simple tally mark.

Record cards can be downloaded here. Records can be submitted online at –

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