Commercial sector to be exempt from EU law

razor fishThe ban on using electricity to hunt lucrative shellfish could be lifted following lobbying by the commercial fishing sector lobbying for a rule change and for Scottish commercial fisherman to be exempt from EU laws which have been in place since 1998.

At the same time, the Scottish Government has been unable to do anything about gangs working off Scotland’s West coast who have flouted the law by using the technique to illegally capture the costly clams, even though SSACN and other NGOs have continually reported them and they have been observed openly landing their catch at various quaysides.

The lack of success in stopping the illegal practice and the willingness of the Minister to seek an exemption once again shows he is content to put commercial fishing interests ahead of the marine environment, despite the fact that he acknowledges the long term impact of the method is unknown.

No doubt there will be another brief ‘Klondike’, but then what ?

How much further down the food chain will the Scottish Government allow the commercial sector to fish ?

How long before all of Scotland’s inshore environment resembles the Clyde ?

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