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protected[5]Nature Conservation Marine Protected Areas in Scotland’s Seas

Start date 25/07/2013 – End date 14/11/2013

Following the Cabinet Secretary’s report to Parliament in December 2012 on the Progress to Identify a Scottish Network of Marine Protected Areas, views are sought on the possible Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)presented in this consultation.


windmillSectoral Marine Plans for Offshore Wind, Wave and Tidal Energy

Start date 24/07/2013 – End date 13/11/2013

The Scottish Government has implemented a system of Sectoral Marine Planning for Offshore Renewable Energy.

The Draft Plans identify options for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy developments.

The options proposed are the culmination of a planning process which has considered the available marine resource, and potential environmental and socio-economic impacts, to determine the most appropriate locations for future developments.

This consultation will seek views on the Draft Plans(and associated Sustainability Appraisal)

nmpNational Marine Plan (NMP) consultation

Start date 25/07/2013 – End date 13/11/2013

The National Marine Plan (NMP) will introduce, for the first time, statutory marine planning in Scottish waters out to 200 nautical miles.

The NMP will set out marine planning policies for key marine industries and activities (renewable energy, fishing, aquaculture, recreation/tourism, shipping, oil and gas and CCS) supporting their economic growth while ensuring growth occurs in balance with the protection of natural and historic heritage.

skateConsultation on Priority Marine Features

Start date 24/07/2013 – End date 13/11/2013

Marine Scotland is consulting on a number of proposals to take forward integrated marine planning for Scotland’s seas.

The National Marine Plan proposes that Priority Marine Features should be specifically taken into account in future planning and decision making.

The recommended list of Priority Marine Features (PMFs) represents 80 habitats and species of marine conservation importance for which it would be appropriate to use either area based measures such as Marine Protected Areas, or non-area based mechanisms or a mixture of both to achieve better protection.

Action will be prioritised via a three-pillar approach, i.e. species measures, site-based measures, and wider seas policies and measures as set out in Marine Scotland’s Marine Nature Conservation Strategy.

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