Does the EU really have any consistent approach to fisheries

The Regional Development Committee adopted its opinion on the future financing mechanism for fisheries in the EU (EMFF) by supporting amendments that allow subsidies for building new boats, vessel modernization, new engines etc .

oceanaAccording to Xavier Pastor, the Executive Director of Oceana Europe: “The Regional Development Committee vote blatantly ignores the calls to eliminate environmentally harmful subsidies made both by fishermen and by European bodies such as the European Commission and Court of Auditors. By reintroducing subsidies that were eliminated 10 years ago these MEPs have undermined any attempt at reforming the European subsidies policy for the fisheries sector”.

As most EU fisheries lack a balance between the capacity of the fleet and the available resource this can only increase pressure on already overfished stocks.

On the other hand the Employment and Social Affairs Committee supported amendments whose aim is to finance the transition to sustainable fisheries and refraining from tabling amendments that endanger the livelihoods of more than 300 thousand Europeans.

The vote on the EMFF in the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety was surprisingly postponed on short notice.

A body which puts national interests before effective EU wide management really should not exist.

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