Has due diligence been done ?

What a wind farm just off the Mull of Galloway might look like.

Have the politicians and fisheries managers really done due diligence regarding the potential impact of the installation activities and electro magnetic forces on the local fish stocks ?

Of particular concern is the fact that many of the sites are located near the migratory routes of
elasmobranchs and/or near their breeding / nursery areas and those and other species.

It is impossible to say at this stage whether the proposed wind turbines will provide a migratory barrier or destroy the breeding / nursery areas, but SSACN hopes the government will adopt a precautionary approach and insist  that the necessary research, including input from the sea angling sector, is carried out before planning consent is given

SSACN’s input to the Scottish Governments consultation on Offshore Wind Farms can be found in our Reading Room.

Image copyright and courtesy Jamie Soons - Bad Panda Graphics