EC CFP Reform ‘at a glance’

EUflagThe EC has released a quick overview to the proposed reform of the CFP, naturally it’s long on ‘what’ and short on ‘how’ and of course the focus is on maximising commercial exploitation rather than maximising the regeneration of species.

It’s key proposals are :

  • Take action against over-fishing and in favour of the sustainable management of fish.
  • Ensure productivity of fish stocks to maximise long-term yield.
  • Multi-annual plans governed by ecosystem approach.
  • Simplified rules and decentralised management. System of transferable fishing concessions.
  • Measures beneficial to small-scale fisheries.
  • Ban on discards.
  • New marketing standards and clearer labelling.
  • Better framework for aquaculture.
  • EU financial assistance to support sustainability objectives.
  • Up-to-date information on state of marine resources.
  • International responsibility.

However, it is a quick read, so worth a look.

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