EU catch opportunities 2017

The EU Fisheries Council finalised catching opportunities for 2017 concluded with quota increases for many key fish stocks for the Scottish fleet, reflecting the general improving trend of our fisheries.

Bertie Armstrong, chief executive of the SFF (Scottish Fishermen’s Federation), said: “Overall, this is a positive outcome for Scotland which underlines the sustainable fishing practices adopted by our fleet."

Quotas going up include North Sea cod (17%), whiting (17%), saithe (53%), monkfish (20%), hake (12%) and prawns (46%).

North Sea haddock will decrease by (46%) and North Sea herring by (7%) and West of Scotland, haddock will decrease by (47%).

Quotas for West of Scotland saithe, ling, megrim and monkfish are all increased whilst West of Scotland prawns and herring quotas remain unchanged.

Rockall haddock quota increases (45%).

Mr Armstrong sees Brexit delivering an exciting new era with Scotland having full control of its 200-mile exclusive economic zone which he believes will result in fairer shares in catching opportunity and better fit-for-purpose sustainable fisheries management.

We feel this may be a little optimistic given the issues of 'grandfather' rights, foreign ownership, the decline of inshore fisheries such as the Clyde and the free for all which existed before fisheries fell under the control of the EU.

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