EU to stop cod fishing off West Scotland

According to Mike Parks, from the Scottish White Fish Producers Association, based in north-west Scotland, a “state of anarchy” still exists in parts of the fishing industry where everyone is out for what they can get from a diminishing stock.

As a result, stocks have collapsed – 88% of European stocks are overexploited and 30% in danger of collapse.

Something that has long been recognised by everyone except politicians, fisheries ministers and fisheries managers.

But thanks to their refusal to fix low enough catch quotas, the EC has finally had to accept that the CFP, has not achieved any of its declared objectives ie: to protect stocks, provide a sustainable food source and help fishing communities to be profitable.

The EC now claims to have recognised what sea anglers have known for ages – cod stocks in the Irish Sea and off West Scotland are just about totally depleted – and have recommended that all commercial fishing for cod in two sea areas is stopped.

Dr Paul Connolly, the director of Fisheries Science Services at the Marine Institute in Galway observed “Continuous over-fishing has led to a collapse in cod in both these areas. The signs have been there for years and scientists have repeatedly warned quotas must be cut but fisheries ministers have time and time again ignored us.”

As a result, the quota for any particular species is fixed an average 48% higher than scientists advise.

However, the EC has a long history of threatening to take action but then backing down under political pressure – will they have the backbone this time ? We’ll see in a few months.

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