Scientific workshop – community shark project

Running alongside Celebrating Scotland’s Sharks on Sat 10th of May will be a SSACN shark focused scientific workshop. SSACN organised a workshop in partnership with MASTS in Sep 2013 to discuss a collaborative research approach to input into Elasmobranch management. A range of presentations were delivered by the SSTP, Scottish universities, Cefas, Marine Scotland Science, and NGO’s. It became clear that Scotland was producing a variety of important, cutting edge research which with improved coordination and collaboration would facilitate the future development of Elasmobranch science, policy and conservation.

To build on that workshop, SSACN, in conjunction with Sea Life Loch Lomond and MASTS, will be running a follow-up workshop on the 10th May when delegates from the various bodies will provide updates on their research from the intervening six months, and perhaps most importantly, put in place firm plans for collaborative research through a community based project. The workshop will be split into two sessions.

The morning session will take the form of a conference with several presentations about shark research in Scotland. This session is open to scientists and the public alike. Tickets to the conference will cost £30.00 and includes access to Sea Life Loch Lomond on the 10th along with complimentary tea and coffee.

The second session in the afternoon will be a dedicated workshop where small groups of experts will get together to start discussing and compiling information for a new research agenda for sharks, skates and rays. Shark related talks and activities will be available throughout the venue for those not involved in the talks.

For the workshop timetable please click here.

Note: For delegates who have agreed to give a presentation your registration is already complete. Access to the event and Sea Life Loch Lomond on the day of your talk is free.

Automated payment for other attendees to the Workshop has now closed, please pay your £30.00 admission on the day.

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