Finning film too graphic for TV

A film which provides a shocking reminder of the cruelty of shark finning has been deemed unsuitable for broadcasting on television. Watch it from midnight 30/10/12 at and make your own mind up and remember it’s not shocking enough in reality for the EU, they continue to allow it.



This image comes from the 45-second, black and white commercial put together by London agency Ogilvy & Mather, in support of Bite-Back’s shark protection campaigns.

Utilising footage from around the world, the film shows how fishermen slice off sharks’ fins before dumping the invaluable (to them) bodies back overboard to sink and die gradually on the seabed.

There are British restaurants which trade in shark fin soup and Bite-Back is “calling on the British public to help report every restaurant profiting from this horrific practice, so the charity can encourage them to stop”.

“Maybe this is the scariest thing anyone will see this Halloween, but the world needs to be aware of this atrocity to the underwater world,” says Graham Buckingham, Bite-Back Campaign Director.

The film has been shortlisted for advertising film makers’ Golden Lion award in Cannes, and for the Campaigns section of the biennial Wildscreen Festival.

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