Fish for the Future–Press Release

gacThe following press release went out today.

The Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network (SSACN – are pleased to announce that today they agreed a collaborative agreement with the Glasgow Angling Centre (GAC – ).

Under the ‘Fish for the Future‘ banner, this agreement will combine the strengths of the two parties to create a number of educational outreach initiatives aimed at improving the public’s understanding of the marine environment and the environmental issues which could potentially impact it and Scotland’s sea anglers.

Sea angling is Scotland’s most popular coastal pastimes. As it has tremendous social and economic benefits, can assist good health and well being and can help young people reconnect with education and avoid crime, helping to increase participation in sea angling will also be a key objective of the partnership.

Commenting on today’s launch, Willie Kennedy SSACN’s Director of Events said…

" Increasing participation in our sport and raising awareness of the issues surrounding it are of paramount importance to the future of sea angling. The Glasgow Angling Centre is the largest tackle shop in Europe, their support and track record in encouraging participation will enable us to reach a much broader audience."

Paul Devlin the Owner and MD of the Glasgow Angling Centre commented…

"Its is vitally important that more youngsters are encouraged to take up the sport and that there are still big fish in the sea for them to catch.

"Having fished with key members of the SSACN team I was impressed by the level of voluntary commitment given by these guys for the benefit of others and am genuinely pleased that GAC are able to help SSACN promote their various initiatives to develop sea angling. "

Good coaches are essential to the success of any outreach programme. Recently three more SSACN volunteers gained their Level 2 Coaching qualification – these additional coaches plus the relationship with Glasgow Angling Centre will give the Fish for the Future programme a real boost.


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