Fisheries Ministers backsliding

Fisheries Ministers from several European governments are backsliding on commitments to make fishing sustainable.

Talks on Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) reform are seeking important changes such as eliminating discards, reducing fishing fleets and rebuilding fish stocks but due to pressure form commercial fishing interests, the original aim of repopulating stocks by 2015 is now facing a five-year delay.

About three-quarters of European stocks are overfished, and studies show fishermen would have a more prosperous future by curbing catches now, but as usual they continue to focus on the short term perhaps believing that by 2020 they’ll have 100% of the stocks overfished, following which they’ll be able to claim poverty and seek decommissioning hand-outs.

The EU finds it extremely easy to threaten cottage industries who cannot meet their exacting demands, but very difficult to address issues which really matter.

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