Flip-flap–flop ?

An influential European fisheries technical committee has approved a new Scottish trawl design aimed at reducing discards.

The ‘flip-flap’  trawl has been designed for use in the prawn fishery and features a small panel inside the trawl that is able to select target species but reject unwanted sizes and types of fish. Trials have shown it to reduce discards by as much as 70%.

Bertie Armstrong, chief executive of the Scottish fishermen’s Federation, said: “We welcome this approval from the STCF, which is a vote of confidence in the innovation and determination of our fishermen to develop new types of selective fishing gear to reduce discards.”

But that would only appear to happen when they are absolutely forced to, it’s time the SFF showed true leadership and aggressively adopted innovative approaches to rebuilding inshore fish stocks rather than continually putting obstructions in the way of those bodies who are trying to do something.

What a pity they couldn’t do this years ago and saved the Clyde from becoming the mono-culture it is now, too little – too late ?

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