Keeping it in the family

Christine toper

A remarkable recapture.

A tope tagged 6 years ago has just been recaptured two miles away from the original tagging site.

The fish, a male tope was originally tagged  (21696) in June 2006 by SSTP’s Projects Director, Ian Burrett, and was recaptured today just two miles away from the original tagging site by his wife Christine.

It is likely this fish will have been down to the Bay of Biscay or the Azores each winter before returning to the same summer grounds. The fish had put on 10 pounds in the six years at liberty.

These type of recaptures show how important our angler led volunteer tagging programme is in gathering the data required to highlight to politicians and fisheries managers, just how important it is to protect the stocks in their migratory routes as well as their breeding and nursery grounds.

The session also produced other tope and a number of huss and spurdog.

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