MEP’s try to retain finning

After six years of debate and  when the EU institutions are finally ready to close the loopholes in the finning regulation, MEP Maria do Céu Patrão Neves, from Portugal, one of Europe’s leading shark fishing countries, has used her role as rapporteur to fight for the retention of loopholes which make it possible for Portuguese and Spanish fishermen to “fin” sharks without detection or punishment. 

Spain and Portugal, the EU’s top ranking shark fishing countries, are the only EU Member States still granting special fishing permits that allow their fishermen to remove shark fins at sea.

MEPs standing in the way of strengthening the enforcement of any measure necessary to conserve species or restrain the destructive practices of the commercial sector is typical of governments who put the interests of the commercial fishing sector ahead of diversity and quality in the marine environment.

Category: Shark Bites

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