More EU fisheries nonsense

euA scientist advising the European Commission on its fisheries policy is also working for France’s largest fishing fleet.

The revelation comes after the European Union raised quotas for deep sea species on the advice of a committee of which François Théret is a member.

Théret is listed on the commission website as working for a French scientific institute, but is in fact a full-time employee of Scapêche (owned by the French supermarket giant Intermarché), France’s largest fishing fleet which is involved in deep sea fishing around the British Isles using bottom trawling techniques.

Théret was appointed to the EU’s fisheries committee in 2010 as an official of Ifremer, the French research institute for exploration of the sea, but The Sunday Times and Bloom, a Paris- based pressure group, have found that in 2011 he took unpaid leave and joined Scapêche.

The EC confirmed this but said he had signed a declaration promising to act independently.

Of course he will !!!!!!!!

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