New skate recaptures

tagged-168We have just received news of an interesting skate recapture. Matthew Burrett caught the 168 lb skate at Crinan last month with it measuring 80 by 61 inches.

The fish was originally tagged in August 2004 at Red Bay NE Ireland. At that time it was 46 by 35 inches and weighed just 28lb; the fish has travelled  approximately 120km and put on 138 lb in its 3522 days at liberty. That’s the third Irish tag to be recovered in the Sound of Jura

Another interesting skate recapture, that further demonstrates that a few skate do move up and down the coastline, was a fish tagged by Ronnie Campbell in 2010 in the Firth of Lorne.

This fish was recaptured in the Sound of Jura last month and had put on 8 lb’s in the four years. We have had a number of recaptures in the last month and a fair few of the fish hadn’t been seen since 2010. We have no way of knowing where they have been in that time.

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