New Year – New Thinking ?

To welcome in the New Year we have asked a number of people across a broad range of interests (fishermen, politicians, scientists etc) to give us their views on a variety of topics generally associated with the state of Scotland’s marine environment, fish stocks, sea angling and conservation.

We’d also like to include an article giving the general thoughts of anglers regarding any aspect of the marine environment and its exploitation or management, just send your thoughts via the ‘Contact Us’ page.  If anyone has an article (or idea for one) they feel would be of interest, we’d be happy to consider including  that as well.

The articles will be published on, one article per day, starting on the 5th of January and after that be made available as a ‘collected works’ in the form of a downloadable e-book.

Hopefully the end result will enable the broader population, especially policy makers, to appreciate the social and economic benefits of a diverse inshore marine environment and that sea angling can have a part to play in delivering a greener, fairer, wealthier, healthier and inclusive Scotland.

But that can only happen if politicians and fisheries managers are willing to embrace a whole new line of thinking.

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