NI skate breeding ground at risk

News from Marine Conservation Northern Ireland (MCNI).

It would appear, Infrastrata, an independent gas storage and petroleum exploration company plan to excavate caverns under Larne Lough and then pump several tonnes of heavy salt brine into the area surrounding the Maidens which are classified a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and also area where common skate have been caught.


According to an MCNI spokesman “Infrastrata produced a glossy report which rubbished the fact that common skate were in the area.

“If we have solid capture data this could surely force them to mitigate the proposed salt pumping by either barging it out to deep water or removal for proper environmental disposal.

“We are asking all organisations and individual anglers to help provide us with evidence and support our efforts  to prevent the entire destruction of a breeding area for common skate; we would especially be grateful for any additional catch records which anyone may be able to provide – If you have any, or require any additional information, please use the MCNI’s contact page.

SSACN through our SSTP records will be able to supply a number of records regarding skate tagged and released in the area.

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