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Arran Coast
Today the 20th September is 9 years since the Lamlash Bay No Take Zone was established.
To celebrate here's a short video of what divers spotted in the last few weeks.
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2 years ago

SSACN Outreach

Public announcement.

SAMS are carrying out an experiment today and tomorrow in Ardmucknish Bay, where a red dye is being released to simulate a leaking oil pipeline and the reactionary process from PhD students who are training to work in that field.

The harmless dye will be slowly released into the centre of Ardmucknish Bay over a period of four hours on two consecutive days (Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th September 2017). The purpose is a training exercise for a cohort of PhD students from NEXUSS CDT.

The students will use a combination of robotic platforms, sensors and ocean tidal models to find the source.

Due to underwater activities being carried out in the vicinity of the simulation by both divers and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, we would ask, where possible that vessels in the area try and steer clear of the area being worked in. SAMS' own vessel 'Calanus' will be in the immediate vicinity and can give a clear indication of where the event is taking place.

The following local services have been informed of the event being carried outÂŹ
Local Police
Oban Airport
Scottish Natural Heritage, Oban Marine Officer
Argyll and Bute Council marine team
HM Coastguard in Oban
Dunstaffnage Marina

Should you need to contact SAMS during the Wednesday and Thursday of the field work, the local contact will be Anuschka Miller, Office 01631 559300.
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2 years ago

SSACN Outreach

Article from the North Star about the Sea angling competition with ourselves, Living Seas and Scottish Shark Tagging Programme! ... See MoreSee Less

Article from the North Star about the Sea angling competition with ourselves, Living Seas and Scottish Shark Tagging Programme!
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1 years ago

Scottish Shark Tagging Programme

JAW dropping images of a Common Thresher Shark taken by Tom Brereton of MARINElife during a recent Naturetrek Wildlife Holidays 'Seabirds & Cetaceans of Lyme Bay' trip last week.

Quote from Naturetrek Wildlife Holidays;
'Guests on our 'Seabirds & Cetaceans of Lyme Bay' last week were treated to a once in a lifetime encounter with a Common Thresher Shark! The shark gave a stunning display, breaching several times right next to the boat. Threshers use their abnormally long tail to stun shoaling fish, making them easier to catch. Thanks to tour leader Tom Brereton for the photos'.

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Another day another fantastic recapture...

We had our first recapture from Jersey at the start of this week after almost 2 years at liberty! Details to follow!!!
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A second interesting recapture to kick off the start of the week...

A tope that was tagged in September off the coast of the Isle of Man was recaptured in The Netherlands at the end of May! We estimate this individual travelled south through the English Channel, making it a trip of around 800 miles!
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Interesting recapture has come in this week...

A tope tagged in Luce Bay has returned after 3,300 days at liberty... that's 9 years! The fish had grown 23 cm and put on 10.5 lbs!
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