Petition – Save the UK Coastguard Centres

An online petition has been raised to ask the UK government to think again on its proposals for reducing the number of Coastguard Co-ordination Centres.

The petition reads ::

The government has recently announced its intention to turn the UK’s 18 Coastguard Co-ordination Centres into THREE 24hr centres & FIVE that are only open during daylight hours (see

UK Coastguard HQ Centres are responsible for the co-ordination of Search and Rescue along the UK coastline, as well as providing shipping information and a number of other essential services along the UK coastline.

Announcing the cuts, Shipping Minister Mike Penning said “Our seas are becoming busier, with larger ships and increasing numbers of offshore renewable energy platforms making key areas of our seas more congested. There are also increasing numbers of people using our beaches, coastlines and seas for leisure activities.”

If 10 Coastguard HQ Centres close and only 3 are left operating 24/7 then the implications will be massive; affecting both maritime shipping and the lives of hundreds of thousands of tourists across the UK each year.

It’s time to show the government just how important the Coastguard HQ centres around the UK are! This petition is intended to urge the UK Coalition Government to urgently review this decision. The safety of those at sea and on the beach is far more important than any cost savings.

Save money on minister’s salaries, not by endangering lives!

The petition may be found here.

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