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Over the past 25 years the quality of the near-shore marine environment; the stocks of species of interest to sea anglers, and the sea angling experience itself has deteriorated drastically and a lot of work will be required to regenerate these to anything like the levels which were enjoyed in the past.

[boxify position = “right” box_spacing = “0” padding = “5” background_color = “white” background_opacity = “80” border_width = “2” border_color = “red” border_radius = “10” border_style = “solid” height = “180” ]Defra – “Today’s generation of recreational sea anglers are still faced with reduced stocks of fish following many decades of over-fishing during the 20th century. By the late 1990s, almost all the stocks around the UK for which good data are available were being fished unsustainably and were badly depleted. ” [/boxify]

At SSACN we realize this cannot be achieved solely through our own energies and advocacy so we work in partnership with a variety of other bodies on a variety of projects.

The following are pointers to some of the more significant projects :