World Oceans Week

World Oceans’ Day was established as part of the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and annually aims to highlight the magnificence of our oceans, the pressures on the marine environment and steps which can be taken to support its future health.

The Solway Firth Partnership run an annual World Oceans’ Week centred around Port William & Rockcliffe, Dumfries & Galloway; SSACN, along with several other organisations participated at Port William on the final day providing visitors with a range of literature outlining the work we are doing in the marine environment and highlighting the need for better management of Scotland’s seas.

SSACN also presented a slide show demonstrating to visitors that although we are fortunate to have in Scotland’s seas 18 different shark species, many of these are real risk and should be protected from excessive commercial exploitation.

A highlight of the day, particularly for the younger visitors, was a demonstration and coaching session given by David McNair (level 2 Coach).

David encouraged the youngsters to try their hand at casting using a safe technique of substituting soft tennis balls for the normal lead weights used by anglers. A number of the youngsters who had never held a fishing rod proved that with the right coaching anyone can soon become a quite competent caster.

The photos below show just how much fun a well planned and run coaching session can be.