Recreational sea angling recognised in SW England

ifmIn a move which the Scottish Government and their fisheries managers would be advised to follow – three pilot zones to test the design and application of fisheries management through voluntary codes of conduct to improve sea angling have been introduced by regulators on parts of the Somerset and Devon coasts.

After many years of bodies promoting the economic and social benefits of their sport, sea anglers are seeing the value of their sport being recognised

“Taking them into account in deciding the regulation of the marine environment is a major shift in the focus of fisheries management,” said Dr. Libby Ross, senior environment officer, of the Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (D&SIFCA).

and continued “The development of recreational sea angling is one of three key actions for fisheries and conservation regulators in Devon and the adjoining Severn estuary.”

She told the annual conference of the Institute of Fisheries Management in Liverpool that after extensive consultation a sea angling strategy had been produced.

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