Restoring fish stocks–a great investment

nefRestoring European fish stocks could generate up to £14 for every £1 invested, according to a report published today by the New Economics Foundation (NEF).

NEF have calculated the costs of restoring fish stocks and found they are far outweighed by the economic benefits in the short and long term. Its “No Catch Investment” report found that:

  • Most overfished stocks could be fully restored within five years
  • Investing £9.16 billion in restoring fish stocks would generate £4.43 billion profit by 2023
  • After stocks are restored the total value of landings would almost triple, generating £14.62 billion in revenue each year
  • The Return on Investment of restoring fish stocks is 148 per cent by 2023
  • By 2052 the returns are £14 for every £1 invested

Aniol Esteban, head of Environmental Economics at NEF, said: “Continued overfishing is bad for European economies. Restoring fish stocks means more jobs, more income for coastal communities, and less industry reliance on subsidies from taxpayers. It makes perfect economic and environmental sense.”

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