RIP – Dr Dietrich Burkel

dietrich400We are very sad to report the news concerning the death of Dr. Dietrich Burkel.

Dietrich was a Life Member of our organisation and his illustrations, which can only be considered as works of art, have been used in many of our trifolds/fliers/web images etc.

Dietrich started the whole volunteers tagging sharks concept in the early 1970’s.

At that time he was a keen angler, marine scientist and the Assistant Curator of the Glasgow Natural History Museum. Dietrich wanted some shark samples for the museum and having got them developed an interest in common skate. At that time it was common for fish to be brought to the quayside for weighing, which Dietrich thought was a complete waste of life.

He suggested tagging the fish and on finding a number of these fish were being recaptured in the same area he concluded they were showing a level of site fidelity; intrigued by these results he became interested in other species around Scotland and began tagging tope in Luce Bay, where he also caught one of the few porbeagles encountered in the area.

He left Scotland to return to his native Germany to run a Museum in Hamburg but returned frequently after retirement to fish for shark species around SW Scotland.

Dietrich was a remarkable man, a true gentleman and will be missed by all that knew him.


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