Sainsbury’s – West coast prawns NOT sustainable

prawnSainsbury’s, the food retailer,  have removed all mention of ‘sustainability’ from the packaging of their prawn products sourced from the Scottish Langoustine Project.

Sainsbury’s have published the following statement on their Twitter feed which would seem to suggest that they no longer view their prawns as sustainably-sourced : “We implemented our sustainability rating system in 2006 and assess every fishery we source from against that system including bottom trawl fisheries. The system includes an assessment of potential environmental impacts and as such the Scottish langoustine fishery is amber rated. We would only claim a fishery to be sustainable if it is certified by the MSC and we have been in discussion with fishermen in Scotland in respect to potential fishery improvements and MSC assessment.”

Marketing literature on the Sainsbury’s website, describing their Scottish West coast prawns as sustainably-sourced, has since been removed.

Once again this shows the Scottish Government’s and commercial sector’s claims that the west coast prawn fishery is sustainable to be totally misleading and not representing the true situation.

‘Lessons have been learnt’ is a common get out nowadays, but it would appear the lessons from the destruction of the Clyde fisheries are not being learnt.


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