SEA LIFE centres support shark week

In support of European Shark Week, Loch Lomond Aquarium SEA LIFE Centre Aquarium will be introducing a new talk dedicated to sharks to help raise awareness of the dangers they face in the wild.

During 10th – 18th October, SEA LIFE centres across the UK will be hosting a range of events to really drive the shark conservation message forward.

At Loch Lomond Aquarium SEA LIFE, the team will be introducing a brand new talk for one week only to wow their visitors with amazing facts about sharks.

“Most people don’t know a great deal about sharks so we will tell them some great fishy facts including that a sharks sense of smell is so good, they can detect one drop of blood in an Olympic sized swimming pool” said Displays Curator Mark Hind.

Visitors will also get the chance to see a daily shark target feeding demonstration.

“At SEA LIFE we are passionate about the protection of all marine animals and want to really shout about how fantastic these creatures are. Sharks have been around longer than dinosaurs so we need to protect them” said Mark.

SEA LIFE actively takes part in SSACN’s Scottish Shark Tagging Programme.

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