SFF ask questions on devolution

sff logoExperience shows that other EU member states would look to gain advantage from post-Yes changes to fisheries policy, says Bertie Armstrong of the SFF in an article in the Scotsman.

In the article he then asserts “ The result of the referendum will have hugely important implications for fishing, which means both the Yes and No camps must set out their stalls very clearly. As an organisation, the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF) is apolitical and can’t advise our members on how to vote, but we do have a duty to demand that both sides bring clarity so that individual fishermen can make their own choices. And because the biggest change is being proposed by the Yes camp, it is here the main onus lies.

If there were a Yes vote, then it can reasonably be assumed that Scotland would eventually end up in the EU, although the process is likely to be protracted and tortuous. “

In the remainder of the article Mr Armstrong covers many of the key issues.

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