Sharkatag 2009

How successful was it ?

Sharkatag 2009 was a very special event.

Over 200 anglers of all capabilities from all over the UK descended on the Solway to combine their love of fishing with a serious effort to gather statistics on endangered species of shark and ray.

As a tagging exercise the anglers managed to catch 530 fish out of which around 220 were tagged; not a spectacular return given 476 rods fished over the three days, but of course it highlights the plight of the stocks.

Local benefit

Over the three days, Sharkatag generated £41K+ for the local economy.

Highlighting the issues

The event was followed UK wide on the BBC national news programmes, receiving over 30 minutes of national coverage and featured in a slot on STVs ‘The Hour’. It  also received tremendous coverage in national newspapers and the angling press as well as worldwide coverage on many internet web sites and internet blogs.

What motivated Sharkatag and the level of interest ?

For decades, decisions affecting commercial interests  have been made without full knowledge of the state of fish stocks and the marine environment; however, when recreational stocks are in danger, there has always been a total lack of action due to ‘an insufficiency of data’.

Sharkatag is part of SSACN’s Scottish Shark Tagging Programme (SSTP – which has been introduced to help overcome that ‘insufficiency’ and fight for the regeneration of  shark, skate and ray stocks in Scottish waters.

Our Thanks

Go out to all anglers, local residents and businesses who embraced the spirit of Sharkatag by taking part and contributing so much of their own effort, energy and resources to making Sharkatag a success.

This particular area of SW Scotland has so much to offer sea anglers, Scotland’s politicians and fisheries managers need to act decisively else they will effectively wipe out what was once one of Europe’s most diverse inshore waters and leading sea angling venues which even now generates in excess of £25 million/yr of the £150+ million sea anglers generate nationally.

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