Sharkatag 2013 Post Event Report

featherOnce again the Scottish weather played a key role in SSACN’s annual Sharkatag event!

Despite the good weather leading up to the event, low pressure systems over the UK brought unsettled weather and strong south-westerly winds during the weekend unfortunately forced the cancellation of the event on both Friday and Saturday.

With the wind swinging to the west some boats ventured out of Drummore on Saturday morning hoping to find some shelter along the west coast of Luce Bay, however, for most anglers the day was short-lived.

Although several boats recorded catches of smoothhound, some mackerel and a selection of other species, the wind made for uncomfortable fishing and many anglers headed home early as a result. Anglers fishing from the shore fared little better on Saturday mainly catching lesser spotted dogfish, flounder and some small bass in the sheltered estuaries.

To everyone’s relief the winds relented on the Sunday allowing boats to launch from all three bases at Drummore, Isle of Whithorn and Brighouse Bay and their patience was rewarded with some excellent fishing.

Boats out of Drummore fishing inside Luce Bay fared best on the tope with OnyerMarks recording 27 tope and OnyerMarks Too recording 11.

Catches consisted mainly of male pack tope up to 30lb.

At the Isle of Whithorn it was a very different story, tope were thin on the ground though several small fish were reported by boats fishing well offshore. Instead, anglers fishing inshore around the Isle of Whithorn reported excellent catches of spurdog with the majority of fish over 10lbs. Amongst the spurdog where some excellent bull huss and some smoothhound as well as the usual suspects including lesser spotted dogfish and whiting.

Three recaptures of tagged fish where reported from the Isle of Whithorn area consisting of two spurdog and a bull huss. One of the spurdog caught by Steven Toner aboard Nauti Nic was originally tagged off Port Logan in September 2010, during her 995 days at liberty she had grown from 83cm to 99cm long.

At Brighouse Bay around 12 boats and more than 30 anglers managed to get out on Sunday. Like those out of the Isle of Whithorn the boats reported good catches of spurdog and bull huss.

An analysis of the catches will be performed once the final details are in and will be included in SSACN’s Summer Report due out soon.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came along and waited for the weather to give us a chance of getting out. I think we all breathed a collective sigh of relief when the winds relented on Sunday and it was great to see everyone get out!

If you have any images from the event that you would like to share please drop us an email.


We will try and arrange some better weather for next year!


The Sharkatag Team.

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