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It had to happen sometime !

What a weekend it was as a deep depression crossed the country giving us the unseasonal gales that battered southwest Scotland forcing us to cancel fishing on both the Friday and Saturday of Sharkatag.

For those who couldn’t make it, an idea of the sea that was running so a big thanks to those who did and waited for the chance of getting out.

With fantastic fishing being reported in the days leading up to the event expectations were high but alas the event could only be fished on Sunday. Fishing was mixed between the venues with the Isle of Whithorn anglers having a fantastic day with tope, huss in good numbers and a few spurdog were also taken; unfortunately those fishing out Drummore nor Brighouse fished well at all.

There were some memorable fish caught including a 54lb Tope for 13 year old Kyle MacAleese on-board Outcast showing his dad how to do it and a 73lb fish for Jason Kerrigan on board Riptide closely followed by a 63 pounder for Graham Paisley on board Paisley Pete which was caught just a few hundred yards from the shore

Although very good numbers of Tope were caught just before and on the Sunday of the event it was evident that the majority of these were female fish in the 15lb – 20lb class with some fishing running to the 25lb mark and a few nice females over 50lb.

Shark2012 (27)Over the past few years what used to be the main stock fish of the 30 -35lb male class haven’t shown in the same numbers … Whether through being caught commercially elsewhere or through changing movement patterns is a big question, but only through the efforts of the volunteer anglers can we hope to have any chance of finding out more information on these magnificent fish.

Once again, a big thanks to both those who turned up and waited for the weather to give us a chance of getting out and to those who were ready and waiting only to be scuppered by the weather.

An analysis of the catches will be performed once the final details are in and will be included in SSACN’s Summer Report due out mid-July.

We will try and arrange some better weather for next year !!

spurtagtransp100Don’t forget the third tagging event of the year will be on 2nd, 3rd & 4th November 12 at Loch Sunart & Loch Etive

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