Skate Tagathon–Final day

Another slow day, but it got off to a great start for Suzanne MacKay on board Shooting Star with the re-capture of a 207lb female Skate, it was also Suzanne’s first skate.

The weather was glorious with no wind and bright sunshine which made the slow fishing easy to bear.

John McBlane on Black Pig caught was a small female skate, but Mathew Burrett and his crew on On Yer Marks II ( Wilson McMillan, Graham Brown, Peter Hutchinson & Guy Stewart ) showed the rest how it is done by boating four skate … 191lb, 188lb & 46lb females and a 115lb male — well done lads !!! Sultzer fishing out of Oban also managed three skate.

black mouthed dogfishSteve Ashton rounded off the days skate catches with a fine 190lb female on-board On Yer Marks.

There were also a few thornback rays, black mouthed dogfish and a number of dogfish in amongst it all with Gordon Goldie on Ticketty Boo II also taking a conger eel.

A big thanks to all who took part for the their support and friendly banter on the radio.

A black mouthed dogfish.

Not long to Sharkatag now – we hope to see you all there.

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