SSACN July 2012 Newsletter

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Our 2012 July Newsletter is now available for download.


Some real positives :

  • The introduction of the SI to protect 26 species of shark in Scottish waters
  • Our proposed Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) going forward to the next round in the process,
  • Collaborative agreements with Sportvisserij Nederland and Glasgow Angling Centre
  • Three of the Team gaining their Level 2 coaching qualification

One big disappointment – the weather in June which badly affected Sharkatag.

One big negative – the Government’s progress towards developing a strategy for sea angling.

And one big question – The Clyde Ecosystem Review released by Marine Scotland Science.

It got off to a good start by recognising that destructive forms of commercial fishing have had a major ecological impact on the Clyde, but then it was let down by the ‘spin’ put on it suggesting an ecosystem comprising fish of between 5 and 40cm was actually quite a positive as it is still effectively functioning but it does identify that the future of the Clyde can be secured by managing human activities.

But that is something that could have been done over the last decades had it not been for ineffective fisheries management, will that change or will lax management allow fishing down the food-chain to continue. ?

Of course, we can only scratch the surface of what we have been involved in and what has been achieved but more information can be found on our websites and Facebook page.

We’d welcome any thoughts you may have on the Clyde Review (or any other topic), just drop a mail via the ‘Contact Us’ facility.

In closing we would like to ask for your further support – In the next few months there are more major challenges and any help is welcomed; if you can’t spare the time then please show your support for our volunteers taking out a membership, just visit – // – and get your Membership up to November 2013.

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