SSACN withdraw D&R Proposal

Over 2 years ago SSACN, in line with the Scottish Government’s Marine Protected Area (MPA) process – we have now withdrawn from that process.

Despite a Government paper in Dec 2012 stating that 2 Demonstration & Research MPA proposals, including SSACN’s were currently being assessed, in reality that was not the case, it was not until this November that we were informed that our proposal was to be finally assessed !

Once again the recreational sector was being short changed.

At that point we decided to withdraw from the process as:

  • The Luce Bay Management Plan consultation will finish at the beginning of February 2015
  • We considered it very unlikely (and undemocratic) that a national consultation would be overturned by our proposal
  • There had been significant changes in the area proposed within Luce Bay SAC
  • Those changes would ensure the near-shore environment would never recover
  • NO recovery would make a D&R MPA pointless; additionally the ‘golden mile’ would be lost










You may note that the change encompasses more areas currently exploited by the commercial sector involved in scallop dredging.


The Solway is also now to become a case study in the Celtic Seas Project which aims to develop innovative and collaborative ways of managing in coordinated ways that makes sense for the environment.

The Marine Strategy Framework Directive requires countries to work together to manage the marine environment in a collaborative way if our seas are to be healthy and activities, sustainable and they need to be managed in a coordinated way that makes sense for the environment – more on our site here.

Not only will the environment and stocks of species of interest to sea anglers continue to be depleted, but 100’s of jobs and substantial revenues to the local communities will be at risk.

If you haven’t already contributed to the Luce Bay SAC consultation, we hope you will, the government needs to hear the views of sea anglers.

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