Stealth tax that says to hell with North Sea cod stocks

seafishThrough the government body Seafish, the public is paying lobbyists to torpedo a campaign to protect the natural world.

Seafish – its full name is the Seafish Industry Authority – says two things about itself: it "represents the UK seafood industry" and it’s a "government body" – can it be both ? Obviously not, so why is an industry lobby group sponsored by the Westminster government and funded by a compulsory consumption tax?

According to an article in the Guardian newspaper, Seafish contradicts itself with respect to eating cod, on one occasion it says:

"Seafish argues that consumers can buy North Sea cod with confidence, secure in the knowledge that it has been sourced from well-managed fisheries using methods and practices that fall within the set parameters of the cod recovery plan."

but on another it says the opposite :

"Cod stocks in UK waters are depleted and are under strict management measures to ensure that the stock recovers. However, more than 95% of the cod we eat in this country comes from sustainable stocks in Iceland and the Barents Sea so you can eat cod with a clear conscience."

And as the Guardian points out – one minute Seafish is telling us we can eat cod with a clear conscience because it doesn’t come from the North Sea; the next minute it is telling us that we can eat cod with a clear conscience because it does come from the North Sea.

The message appears, as always when commercial interests are brought to bear, seems to be: "to hell with the state of the stocks and to hell with your conscience. Just eat fish."

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