The UK Fishing Industry in 2011

thefishsitelogo‘The UK Fishing Industry in 2011: Structure and Activity’ on The Fish Site provides a broad picture of the size and composition of the UK fishing industry and its operations.

Quick Summary – In 2011 the UK had 6,444 registered fishing vessels, 17% fewer than in 2001. Over the same period, the number of fishermen on UK registered vessels has fallen by almost 2,600 to 12,400. The number of days spent at sea by vessels over 10 metres in length has fallen by 42%.

This Fish Site’s article brings together information on:

  • Size and composition of the UK fishing fleet
  • Number of fishermen on UK registered fishing vessels
  • Accidents involving fishing vessels and fishermen
  • Fishing effort by UK vessels, including expanded coverage of effort in the cod and sole recovery zones and the Western Waters

All tables presented are available to download as spreadsheets from the MMO website.

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