Update from the Dutch Sharkatag

a nice dutch smoothy smallEleven charter boats, 230 participants, a truckload of ragworm, no less than 95 shark caught and substantial media interest. That’s the Dutch Sharkatag 2012 in a nutshell.

Like our Scottish Sharkatag, the Dutch Sharkatag is a three day event; this year it took place over the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of August off the coast of the Dutch province of "Zeeland".

Like this year’s Scottish Sharkatag, strong winds affected the Dutch Sharkatag and the fleet had to be diverted to the Oosterschelde on the Wednesday. A total of 12 smoothhound sharks were caught on this first day. On Thursday, fishing outside of the dam became possible, adding another 34 smoothhound and a single dogfish. On Friday, the calm weather allowed for fishing up to 15 miles offshore and 48 more sharks were caught, bringing the total to 95 sharks.

As previous discussions between SSACN and Sportvisserij Nederland (Royal Dutch Angling Association) had highlighted the fact that there is an apparent northern migration of smoothhound with increasing numbers of the species being caught each year one of the main aims of the Event was to catch, tag and release as many of these sharks as possible. The biggest smoothhound caught measured 101 cm.


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