Update on Article 47

Some ‘clarification’ given to Struan Stevenson by Joe Borg.

Thank you for your e-mail dated 25 June 2009 asking for clarifications on the stocks covered by Article 47 (on recreational fisheries) of the Commission’s proposal on how to improve the control of fishing activities in EU waters in the future.

I believe that there is a misunderstanding regarding our latest compromise proposal concerning the issue of recreational fisheries. In fact the Commission has not widened the scope of Art. 47. On the contrary, we have narrowed it down. Our original proposal foresaw that all fisheries covered by a multi-annual plan, of which we have currently ten in place, would fall under Art. 47.

In our latest compromise proposal, however, we have restricted this clause further so that only those species subject to a recovery plan would be covered. We currently have four such recovery plans in place. Within these four plans, only two species are fished by anglers, namely cod and bluefin tuna. Thus the vast majority of anglers will not be affected in any way by the proposal. This modification was made in accordance with the report adopted by the European Parliament on 6 April 2009.

I hope that I have been able to clarify the matter for you.”

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