Waitrose to source from certified stocks

Waitrose has  pledged  to source all its seafood from independently certified sources, with an industry leading deadline of the end of 2016.

Jeremy Langley, fish buyer  for the retail chain said:  “For us, this pledge feels like a natural evolution of our long-standing responsible fishing policy. We started to have concerns over stocks of some of our favourite fish in 1997 – we thought this was something we needed to look at so we started work building a policy with our suppliers.

“Our  policies have been evolving for more than 15 years, and will continue to evolve. But – with global demand for fish increasing, and the size of our business increasing – we need to ensure we’re putting the right steps in place now if we’re to ensure a sustainable supply of fish in the decades to come.”

A recent survey showed that retailer  sells 12 per cent  of the fish bought in British supermarkets  and the company believes its actions have the potential to significantly influence the seafood market.

The first major change will be all Waitrose fresh, smoked and breaded cod and haddock, which from  this month  will be certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

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