What did it weigh ?

Anglers like to have a idea of the weight of a good fish, especially if it appears to be a personal best or of specimen size, but of course most also realise the need to minimise any damage to the fish through keeping it out of the water too long.

Weighing fish by measuring them helps minimize any potential harm to the fish.

To help address this need we have developed a number of alternatives which will not only enable you to ‘weigh’ a particular fish but also gain an insight as to how weight varies by species.

There are a number of interactive graphs presenting weight for length in cms/lbs and cms/kilos for tope, spurdog, smoothhound and a number of rays along with printable charts for these and common skate.

Although there is no doubt that fish can have different weights for the same length dependent on several factors – whether they are gravid, post spawning, sick or healthy, have good access to food-stocks etc., weight estimation based on a fish’s length offers a credible alternative – unlike the spring balances typically in use by anglers, any in-accuracies there may be will be the same for everyone.

The graphs and charts are based on 1000′s of observations made by a variety of scientific bodies over the past three decades or so, however, if anyone has any historic accurate records of weight / length for any species, they could be very useful in refining the models – just use the ‘Contact Us’ page.

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